Manage your business database properly 

Whether hierarchical, network or relational databases – all under control for your business management
A database and a bureau could be regarded as information containers that, after analysing such information, allow making enquiries to generate valuable reports to your business.

Relational databases are the most suitable for managing a business’ data. The first thing you need is to count on a good relational database management system (SGBD) to store and access data in a quick and structured manner.

You will have access to Informa’s database, Experian’s bureau and the National Register of Bad Debts (RAI) to exchange good standing-related information and payment notices.

Essentially, managing a database properly requires being well-organised and thorough. And finding an easy-to-use data management tool.

Benefits of database management

Your data is kept on record and in order
  • A managed, up-to-date and well-organised database helps to save time.
  • File unification enables detection of duplicated records.
  • Speed and flexibility in retrieving the necessary information through reports.
  • Data is turned into information and knowledge.

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