Entrust your transfers management to a single administrator

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By centralising your IT transfers, you will have access to technology platforms for data transfer at an affordable cost, supported by a team of experts in each platform.

CTI Soluciones has numerous transfer platforms and systems available for our customers to entrust CTI Soluciones with the responsibility for transferring files to the agencies, financial institutions and businesses to which our customers need to send all kinds of communications.

At CTI Soluciones we are experts in transfers via EDItran, SWIFT, FTP, CFT, Webservices, among others.

We also undertake file validation and conversion as may be required by the file destination or origin.

SWIFT System

Security and confidentiality worldwide

You will have access to a solution based on a proprietary technology platform, with all the possibilities offered by this network at your service, reducing costs while maintaining the highest quality and security standards, thanks to the sharing of resources among several users. Through this platform, you will be able to perform any transaction supported by SWIFT technology, ranging from ordering and receiving national and international payments, executing transactions with securities or receiving bank statements, to file transfer and instant messaging – always under strict security and confidentiality standards.

Features: Proprietary technological solution – All SWIFT Network functionalities available – Reduced costs – Strict security standards


Supported by different operating systems

You will have access to a work solution with Editran communications platform on data network and Internet. This service enables direct communication among IT applications in different devices and operating systems of all kinds of businesses, financial institutions and agencies, whether public or private.

Features: Data network – Internet – Direct communication – Supported by different OSs

Benefits of outsourcing IT transfers

Leave your communications to us
  • Cost: Centralising IT transfers allows our customers to access data transfer technology platforms at a much more affordable cost than if they were to acquire one of these platforms internally. This is made possible by the sharing of platforms among different customers, which significantly reduces the costs of the required licences.
  • Efficiency: Outsourcing and centralising transfers make it possible to offer our customers IT applications with easily deployable development and predictable costs, which in turn contributes to investment projection and budget control.
  • Centralisation: By centralising transfers in a single system, the business is benefited from a single, thus more efficient, management.
  • Planning: CTI team handles planning of file sending and receipt automatically.
  • Data access: CTI Soluciones is part of Informa group, which gives us access to the main national and international databases. Our customers can utilise this information to operate their business.

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