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The most effective solution for your telemarketing campaigns and customer services
CTI Soluciones offers you the most effective solution for your telemarketing campaigns and customer services. Our Contact Centre service will allow you to delegate management of your telemarketing campaigns, including definition, generation of statistics and corrective actions, as well as your customer services, with the aim of improving the quality and image of your business.
Contact center

We rely on a team of multilingual telephone operators who have a thousand hours’ experience with direct contact and are specialised in executive communication.

Leave your telemarketing campaigns to us and forget about recruiting, managing and building teams to focus exclusively on your business.

Our experience managing and delivering lead generation and appointment setting services enable us to increase the efficiency of your campaigns and the return of your investment. Whether you need to expand your markets, reach a new growth phase, or retain your existing customers, CTI Soluciones guarantees the best results.

Why should you outsource your telemarketing campaigns?

By outsourcing the services that make up your core business, you will be able to focus your attention and resources on the key capacities of your business. All the rest can be effectively managed by field experts.

Whether your business is taking its first steps into the market, or it is an established business in need of expansion, at CTI Soluciones we can help you achieve the best results with minimal investment. Our Telemarketing Service solutions are specially designed to:

  • Open up new markets, both nationwide and worldwide
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Run pilot tests and determine the most convenient approach to maximise your sales
  • Launch new products
  • Support communication campaigns
  • Conduct market surveys
  • Invite your current and potential customers to events
  • Be the first line of support to your customers

What differentiates CTI Soluciones is our ability to adapt to the specifications of any campaign and always offer you a first-class service.

By leaving your telemarketing campaigns to us, you will enjoy a great number of benefits:

trasndormar acostes
Fixed costs turned into variable costs

In an ever-changing environment, outsourcing your telemarketing services will help you keep the costs derived from this activity aligned with actual work needs.

Cumplir normativa
Regulatory compliance

The new laws on data protection have called for a change in the way of doing things and more straightforward and explicit communications with stakeholders.

CTI Soluciones integrates its services with the necessary protocols and tools to comply at all times with the requirements set by the legislation applicable to these services, so that our customers will never encounter any problem with collected data and its commercial use.  

procesos de negocio
More effective business processes

Outsourced processes incorporate a number of metrics that are not applied when these processes are executed internally.

This will help you measure each part of the cycle more effectively and make the right decisions to maximise performance.




Our processes, systems and technology are designed with flexibility at their core.

Such flexibility enable us to easily adapt our capacity to the needs arising at each moment in particular.

Costes directos
Lower direct costs

Being experts in service outsourcing, we benefit from economies of scale which your business, because of the nature of your activity, lacks.

Therefore, we can offer you the same service at a lower cost than the cost your business would have to afford if it were to procure all the infrastructure and staff internally.

Costes indirectos
Lower indirect costs

The cost of maintaining an in-house telemarketing team is not limited to paying salaries and procuring technical equipment.

From procurement of the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the equipment, to recruitment, training, incentive and management costs, including potential employee turnover, there are certain costs associated to maintaining an in-house marketing department that usually go unnoticed and scattered among different accounting items.

At CTI Soluciones we take all on our shoulders and give you a clearer insight into the cost. And, by the way, you will have spare resources to focus on increasing your business revenue.


Our team of telephone operators have extensive experience with phone support and appointment setting, requiring a minimum learning curve to deliver the best commercial results.

With that, the opportunity cost derived from lost sales caused by lack of experience is avoided.

The importance of a large business group

As a subsidiary of Informa D&B, a world leading company in the business information sector, we have privileged access to the best and most updated databases of both Spanish and international companies. As a result, we have access to relevant information on structural, financial and commercial matters of virtually any company in the world, delivering better results.

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