Tailor your payment transactions

Stand out from the rest by offering your customers the option that most appeals to them
Financial institutions will be able to choose the procedure through which their customers’ payment transactions will be sent according to criteria such as costs, execution terms, geographical scope, payment amount, etc.

Options will be presented both online, for immediate decisions to be made with regard to a specific payment, in batch mode for files containing the transactions to process, and even later on, by notices if a procedure other than the one used could have been used.

At CTI Soluciones we are developing a multiple-payment platform that will enable to target and manage every payment based on different parameters for the parties and the manager within reduced installation times and minimum technological resources.

CTI Soluciones integral solution will include:

  • Existing payment instruments (transfers, debits, cheques, credit advances, instant payments, etc.), except for cards.
  • Different channels for their processing (SNCE, SEPA, domestic instant payments ASI4 / ASI6, RT1, TIPS and SWIFT).
  • National, EU (SEPA) and international scope.

    Benefits delivered:

    The most suitable channel for each situation

    This service is primarily intended for the several tens of financial institutions that currently rely on CTI for management of their different payment procedures, allowing them to make previous enquiries as well as to immediately apply the most efficient procedure, whether by default or choice.

    Similarly, any other institution could use the online or batch enquiry service, although it should set up the proceedings to apply later, as it sees fit, the most efficient procedure proposed.

    • Based on the basic data of each payment to be made, it will be possible to ask for the most convenient procedure to use from among those operated by the enquiring entity. 
    • The complete operational map will need to have been previously defined, including the payment channels and instruments in which the entity participates, as well as execution times, costs, geographical scope, correspondent bank network, and other parameters related to the specific payment procedure in place. 
    • Enquiries may be executed in batch mode (sending a file containing a specific number of transactions) or interactively for a payment in particular; therefore, it will be possible to incorporate it in the customer’s onsite or online service.

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