Service quality and strict compliance with data protection legislation

We improve your communications
The printing, sorting and mail processing service guarantees full traceability of sent items, allowing follow-up from the moment of printing until delivery to the postal operator and return, if any

CTI Soluciones implements a strict quality control to bring your business the maximum level of satisfaction. The mass printing service offered by CTI Soluciones is designed to guarantee strict compliance with data protection legislation and your business information confidentiality.

CTI Soluciones upgrades its equipment on a regular basis, always working with the latest technology. We can also handle non-standard formats and create fully customised and parametrised prints according to your needs.

We develop an end-to-end value chain, including services such as layout, management and delivery to the postal operator or the customer themselves, answers and returns management.

But what differentiates CTI Soluciones is not only our technology, but also the experience and skills of our staff. We have been taking on both simple and complex printing processes for 30 years. From mailing printing and sending, to the outsourcing of a financial institution’s mailroom. Module-based solutions, ranging from simple solutions for invoice printing and sending, to complex ones for integrated tax collection management.

We adapt to the customer’s needs

We take care of paper communications
  • Sending of legally-binding invoices
  • Previous demands for payment
  • Sending of contracts, invoices, bank statements, etc.
  • Informative letters
  • Marketing mailing
  • Sending of forms
  • Tax abstracts
  • Sending of receipts

Stages of the printing service

The printing, sorting and mailing service comprises the following stages:
Printing graphics


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