The evolution of immediate payments

Payments via smartphones, tablets and online banking
Electronic payment solutions are already up and running, providing full availability of funds, and allowing for immediate interbank clearing, so that the transaction and crediting to the beneficiary’s account take place a few seconds after payment initiation. The new instant transfer subsystem delivers real-time availability of funds in the payee’s account 24x7 at EU level. This system is available to all financial institutions, although certain requirements need to be met for access.
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CTI, having experience with payment systems and outsourced services, offers an end-to-end solution that is already fully operating and complies with regulatory requirements, 100% guaranteed, and adapts to any new procedure that may be implemented in the future (Spain + SEPA).

This solution enables full participation in immediate payments through the “Core Scheme” (new SEPA instant transfer subsystem of the National Electronic Clearing System – SNCE, in Spanish) from receipt of the transaction information through the channels available at the institution (online banking, Bizum).

The scope of CTI solution covers domestic payments (ASI4 and ASI6), EU cross-border payments (RT1), as well as payments made through Central Banks (TIPS).

System Operation

Maximum scope and minimum investment in own resources and developments.

The system enables full participation in immediate payments from the moment CTI receives information on the transactions to process through the channels available.

First, CTI runs the certification tests required by the relevant authorities to verify the institution’s adherence to the system.

To deliver this service, CTI provides: production/contingency technology platforms, format adaptation/conversion applications, standard software (for validation, transaction management, response messages, etc.), communication resources (production and backup lines), and support for each resource provided.


  • The institution incorporates the novelties in payment systems, being able to offer these services to its customers.
  • Integration with current payments (same settlement).
  • Reduced costs due to shared resources.
  • Turnkey solution, without need of developments by the institution, including adaptation to future applications, guaranteeing operational independence as well.
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