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To browse this website properly and guarantee user access to all the content published by CTI, free from errors, personal data files are stored in the user’s own terminal, commonly known as browser cookies. Cookies help to remember preferences and recognise users on subsequent visits to the website, as well as to view certain website sections properly. Because of the configuration of the services delivered through the platform, some existing cookies may come from CTI’s third-party providers of technology services.

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  • Essential technical cookies: Files needed to browse and allow or maintain the user’s connection to the website. If you disable them, some sections of the website might not work properly.
  • Personalisation cookies: They are used to remember certain preferences of the user.
  • Analytical cookies: To perform an anonymised statistical analysis on the use of the website, and improve its structure and content, CTI and third parties gather information on users’ origin and browsing behaviour on the website.
  • Advertising cookies: Used to manage adverts on the website, and determine their content and frequency.
  • Social sharing cookies: These cookies are necessary to identify you on your social networks and thus allow you to share content.


First-party cookies
Name Expiration Function Tipo
cookie_agreed 3 months Cookie policy control. Pursuant to the EU Regulation, it records the user’s consent or decline to enable and install cookies, and adjusts technical settings accordingly. It is set up by our website to remember the user’s consent to the use of cookies while browsing the website. This prevents the cookie banner from being displayed every time the user visits our website. This cookie does not conduct any follow-up on the user’s personal data Técnica
Third-party cookies
_ga 2 years Used to identify users. Analítica_Google (Analytics)
_gid 24  hours Used to identify users. Analítica_Google (Analytics)
_gat 1 minute Used to throttle the request rate. If Google Analytics is implemented through Google Tag Manager, this cookie will be called _dcgtm_<property-id> Analítica_Google (Analytics)
1P_JAR 24 hours Transfers data to Google reCAPTCHA
ANI_ 1 year Transfers data to Google reCAPTCHA
CONSENT 20 years Transfers data to Google reCAPTCHA
NID 6 months Transfers data to Google reCAPTCHA
OGPC 1 month Transfers data to Google  
fr 6 days Facebook advertising cookie Facebook
_fbp 3 months  Used by Facebook to display certain advertising products based on real-time bidding among third-party advertisers.


BizoID 6 months  LinkedIn advertising analysis Analitica de Linkedin
6 months  LinkedIn advertising analysis Analítica de Linkedin
lang Actual session LinkedIn advertising analysis Analítica de Linkedin
bcookie 1 year Browser identification cookie Linkedin
lidc 1 day Used for routing Linkedin


Cookie settings procedure and access may vary depending on your browser. To help you with that process, below CTI includes some links to different web browsers for information purposes: How can I enable, disable or block cookies?