Efficiency in business information processing

Addressing your business’ needs in every way
At CTI Soluciones we offer you the necessary services and tools to achieve your goals and give a quick and effective answer to your day-to-day needs.
CSO para bancos

CTI Soluciones offers a comprehensive payment solution and a wide range of operations and/or document management services.

The comprehensive payment solution addresses all the technological and administrative processes for customer collection/payment, adapting to individual needs and delivering faster and more economical results.

Its independence of any financial group, together with CTI Soluciones’ close collaboration with businesses and interbank institutions, account for the long-lasting trust placed on us by our numerous users.

CTI Soluciones relies on a complete technological infrastructure, its knowledge and experience to reduce duplication in execution of all kinds of operations and document processing, delivering maximum efficiency.




Payment transaction services

You will improve your payment and collection processes by achieving maximum efficiency in every transaction.

Document processing

We develop high value-added services that enable your business to manage information in a more efficient and secure manner. - Collection of information related to financial statements (balance sheets and notes to financial statements) - Printing.

Payment gateways

Bank interoperability arrangements at national, EU and international level.

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