Efficiency in business information processing

Addressing your business’ needs in every way
The Operational Service Portfolio of CTI Soluciones caters for these needs, offering the maximum range of solutions and flexibility in their delivery.
CSO para empresas

Contact Centre Service, specialised in any kind of phone contact, development of campaigns, customer service, receipt of orders, customer satisfaction surveys, customer attraction, etc.

Accounts receivable management, offering a module-based, functional solution, specially designed to deliver scalability to your business: purchases, invoicing, accounts receivable and payable management, collection management.

User remote management and monitoring support, allowing you to proactively diagnose potential problems and resolve them before your business activity becomes affected.

Management and administrative support services, offering flexibility and led by a team specially dedicated to management who will help you achieve your business goals: data collection, verification and processing.

Regulatory compliance, helping your business comply with the regulations that affect your relationship with customers, by managing pre-existing and/or required information and the obligations derived from each applicable regulation.


Contact Centre

A high value-added phone service platform that helps you increase the efficiency of customer services and campaigns, while leveraging the return of your investment.

Account receivables management / Factoring

Managing trade receivables should be a perfectly measurable task in order to optimise collection processes and prevent default.

Document processing

We develop high value-added services that enable your business to manage information in a more efficient and secure manner. - Collection of information related to financial statements (balance sheets and notes to financial statements) - Printing.

Regulatory compliance

We help you maintain your business projects and services compliant with current legal requirements at national, EU and international level.

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